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This is the second animated explainer video that we have produced to promote the Pebbls app and it’s been another fun and easy-going project. Simon (our contact at Pebbls) allows us almost complete creative freedom and is probably one of the most pleasant clients we’ve ever worked with.

An adventure scrapbook

This Pebbls explainer video needed to be similar in style but different in structure to the previous animation. The source for the video was a page of instructions on how to get the most out of using Pebbls. The idea that immediately sprung to mind was a scrapbook (since Pebbls is likened to an ‘Adventure Scrapbook’). In particular, I kept thinking of a scene from Pinocchio where Jiminy Cricket opens a story book. I ended up using Cinema 4D inside of Adobe After Effects, mixing up 2D and 3D to get the result I was after which complicates matters but is worth it to get pages that curve in three dimensions as they turn.

We are delighted with the final result of this animation, especially given the immense potential we see in the product it represents.

I have found the whole process effortless and enjoyable, I've also really enjoyed working with Lost Marble and I really love the final video.

Simon HarveyDeveloper & Support Pebbls








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