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Pebbls explainer video

Animated explainer video for Pebbls

Coursera: Degree

Mixed media animation for Coursera


Mixed media animation for Coursera

Health on Demand

Promotional video for MMB

Harkn Case Study 01

A true story from Harkn

Greater Manchester Police

Whiteboard animation for GMP.


Animated promotional video produced for google.

A cartoon girl walking to school in autumn past flying leaves and houses.


Animated life story of a Wakelet user.

Mercer: Ageing Works

Motion graphics animated explainer video for Mercer UK

Bits & Bobs Reel

10 years of random clips that either weren't used or were just for practice (and some that are just weird)

Thumbnail for the Pebbls explainer video. A guide book with photos of adventures, sailboats, a van, a man cycling and the Pebbls logo.

Pebbls: Adventure Scrapbook

Explainer video on how to use the Pebbls app


Animated explainer video for Ubamarket's scan-pay-go shopping app


2D animated promotional video for Harkn (formerly Happiness Lab)


An animated explainer produced for the ROARSOME Warmzilla!

Men on the Moon planting a flag with the step teachers logo on it. A UFO in the background.

Step Teachers

A collage animation to celebrate 20 years of Step Teachers!

The partnership Network logo on a bright pink background.

Partnership Network

Animation to explain the Partnership Network

Strongnode Edge

What is Edge Computing? Animated explainer video for Stongnode

Hunter S Thompson types on his typewriter with piles of books and artwork in the background.

Mixed media animation

Animated collage/mixed media video to promote Lost Marble

Contact Partners

Animated explainer video for Contact Partners

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Get Me Everywhere

Animated promotional explainer video for Thompson's GME


An animated explainer video for tmwi's data management platform

Meeple Creeple

A kickstart animation for Meeple Creeple


Engineers Without Borders

Imburse Payments

Typography based video for Imburse Payments

Futamura NatureFlex

Animated promotional video for Futamura's NatureFlex packaging films

Hevolution Explainer

An animated explainer for Hevolution

AI Presenters

AI avatars to help bring a more human feel to your videos...


Short ad for Google

Woodbridge International

Animation and live action edit for Woodbridge

Lending Stream

Video for Lending Stream

Pepper Solo

Animated explainer video

Fabrik by Fendale

Animated explainer video


Short animated promotional cartoon

Wonder Boys

Animated movie title sequence

Imburse Payments

Animated explainer video

Get On Site!

Animated explainer cartoon to promote GetOnSite

Signkick Trading Bridge

2D/3D animated video to promote Signkick's Trading Bridge

Building Site Induction Video

This is an edited version of the original building site induction video where the branding and some key messages have been removed.

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Jam & Jelly

Animated explainer video

Animated explainer video production company uk.

RAC Flexiloan

3D animated video produced to explain RAC's Flexiloan

Dr. Gonzo

Short animated video - character loop (Hunter S. Thompson)

Shawbrook: Credit Score

Skateboard loop

An animated loop...

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Honeydew Health

Cartoon style animated marketing video

How to look adventurous in no time!

A cartoon we produced for Epipheo

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Mercer Workplace Health

Animated video showing the benefits of the Health Management Dashboard

Liquid motion pitch

A short clip to pitch a style to a client

Innovia BOPP

Einstein talks about plastic wrap for biscuits and whatnot...

Innovia Films

Chinese animated video for Innovia films

E4 Esting 2015

Mercer BF

Motion graphics video for Mercer UK

Shawbrook Bank

Explainer video for Shawbrook Bank

Thompson Local

Character based explainer video

Ginger Black

Animated explainer video

Honeydew Health

A cartoon to promote Absence management

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