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Text is 2023 reel of weird stuff... There's a goat in the middle of the words.

‘Weird stuff’ reel

A reel full of animated oddities...

Jake -animated loop

An animated loop of Jake, my cat...

A video thumbnail for an Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail recipe showing a lowball glass with cartoon eyes.

Old Fashioned Recipe

An animated recipe for a whiskey Old Fashioned...

Two Sherlocks, Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. along with two stickman cartoon interpretations of Sherlock Holmes and Watson as a cat.

Lost Marbles Ep.2: The 2 Sherlocks

Episode 2. The sequel to episode 1.

Isaac’s Monster

My youngest son's drawing brought to life...and voice by him.

Ghandi on Lost Marble

Ghandi urges you to eat our videos


All work and no play...

Wilfred Butt-kraken

A real-life account of how Lost Marble changes lives...

Lost Marbles Ep.1: Wonder Boys

Vocals from the movie Wonder Boys applied to crazy little stick men.

Bits & Bobs Reel

10 years of random clips that either weren't used or were just for practice (and some that are just weird)

Phil waves at the viewer in front of piles of boxes of a weird product he sells.

Don’t be like Phil

Phil was a fool.

A hairy green whale rendered in 3D

Hairy Whale

A random 3D rendering of something silly...

Wonder Boys

Animated movie title sequence

LM holidays video

A collection of characters from our works waddling past a mock-up of the Lost Marble office. We usually share this once a year before we're off for the holidays.

Dr. Gonzo

Short animated video - character loop (Hunter S. Thompson)

Fly like a chicken

Animated dream for 'a show' with Ze Frank

Skateboard loop

An animated loop...

Solar System

Hairy dancer

Hairy skull + hairdryer

Hairy ball

Iron Boy

A daft side project with my oldest son


How to look adventurous in no time!

A cartoon we produced for Epipheo

Liquid motion pitch

A short clip to pitch a style to a client


Space Dinosaurs Vs. Talking Bears

Set your table on fire

Animated dream for 'a show' with Ze Frank


Pants on head

Hank Green's dream...about pants.

Cave library

Dream Sun burst

Dead Goldfish

Snape & Sherlock



Van Gogh fish leg

Egg head

Poop mountain

Virgin Mary Therapy

Dream fiddle

Monster senses



E4 Esting 2015

Stranger Things Loop

Bogey Lightsaber

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