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T his has undoubtedly been my favourite project to date. Everything fell into place perfectly. The client had a clear vision for the explainer video but also gave us nearly total creative freedom from the outset. The app we were tasked with promoting is an exceptional product. Thanks to the creative direction we established with Simon, our client, I had the opportunity to animate gorgeous scenery for days on end.

I chose to employ a continuous panning motion throughout most of the video, aligning with the theme of setting out on a journey. Given that one of Pebbls key advantages is its ability to facilitate seamless sharing and publishing without disrupting the travel and adventure, I aimed to maintain a natural and authentic look in both the scenes and app demo segments.

There’s a lot be said in favour of ‘creative freedom’… While certain parameters such as branding guidelines and tone of voice are essential, the ability to introduce changes and enhancements during the animation process empowers us to elevate the animation’s quality, rather than being constrained by rigid instructions.

Pebbls isn’t designed for tracking your physical activity or sharing holiday selfies, as there are other apps dedicated to those purposes. Instead, Pebbls has a distinct focus: enabling you to capture and convey your story in a profound and motivational manner. By simplifying the process of sharing your narrative, exploring new locations, and connecting with like-minded adventure enthusiasts, Pebbls provides a platform that aligns with your passion for adventure.

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I spent many hours browsing portfolios and reading testimonials trying to find a video creator who I thought would be a good fit for my project. The work of Lee at Lost Marble really jumped out at me, not because I was looking for a video with the exact style of others in the portfolio but because the videos in the portfolio didn't have the generic "explainer video" look and feel that I saw from so many other creators. From browsing Lee's work I got the sense there was some real creativity and understanding of the content which lead to videos that have their own style and really stand out. I wasn't disappointed! Lee was incredible along the whole process - taking the time to understand the message I wanted to deliver and also getting a feel for the vision that I had in mind for the project. I really can't praise Lee at Lost Marble highly enough.

Simon HarveyDeveloper & Support: Pebbls








Lost Marble is an animated explainer video company. We hire scriptwriters, voice-over talents and whoever else as needed. We’ve been creating animated video content since 2004 for businesses of all sizes. We put our superpowers to good use by utilising the Adobe Creative Cloud apps and by fuelling ourselves with an abundance of caffeine.

We’re based in County Durham in the north-east of England. The best way to describe the north is to liken it to the area in Game of Thrones where the Wildlings live. Up here, you will often hear people mutter absurd nonsensical phrases such as ‘Bubblin’ bairn’s booler’s brokken’ or ‘That gadgie’s gannin’ propa radgie, lyke’.

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