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Before work begins

Saying hi

This initial portion of the project is where we get to know each other, discuss targets and deadlines, find out what you need and get some of the formalities out of the way. It is important at this early stage to make sure that we are creatively on the same page and that you tell us everything we need to know about the product, business or idea that you want the video to explain or promote.

Here's what happens

  • Kick-off call (optional – saying hi and exchanging notes and questions)
  • We provide an estimated cost for the project
  • We send you a contract to review, sign and return to us
  • We send an invoice for the down-payment

What is expected of the client

  • Review and sign the contract
  • Down-payment to be made
  • Provide branding and logo documents/files/relevant information


Laying the foundations

Pre-production is perhaps the most important part of the project. Unless pre-production is given the proper care and attention it deserves, the project will suffer greatly. Here, we will shape the way the video will sound, look and flow. The script, storyboards and the animatic are all equally important in getting the feel and cadence of the video just right. Pre-production usually takes about four weeks to complete.

Here's what happens

  • First draft/rough script
  • Polish and finalise the script
  • VO samples
  • Style frames/character samples
  • Storyboards
  • VO recording

What is expected of the client

  • Sign off: Script
  • Sign off: VO talent
  • Sign off: Style samples
  • Sign off: Storyboards


Piecing it all together

Before we move ahead with production, the client will have a very good idea of what the final product will look and sound like from the storyboards and the animatic and everything included in pre-production will have been signed off and approved. So, there’s not much for the client to do during the production stage. We produce the video, edit the audio, render the file and upload a review copy once it’s completed. Production generally takes about two weeks to complete.

Here's what happens

  • We animate
  • We’ll keep you updated as we work

What is expected of the client

  • Put your feet up and listen to some old Pearl Jam albums
  • Chill out and watch something (I recommend ‘The Bear’, ‘Luca’ or ‘Amelie’)
  • Learn how to make French baguettes (it takes 3 days to make them properly and it’s well worth it!)
  • Or, if you absolutely must, get on with your usual workload

Review & revisions

Finishing up

Following feedback from the client, we will make requested amendments and alterations. We offer up to three sets of revisions but in most cases, only one or two sets are necessary as there are ample opportunities to adjust the creative direction while working on the script, the style and when reviewing the storyboards.

Here's what happens

  • Full review copy is uploaded to Vimeo (it’s a private link)
  • Revisions – three sets are included

What is expected of the client

  • Provide feedback
  • Sign off: On completion


Final sign-off

We’re just about done! We’ll upload the finished version for review. All we need at this stage is the final sign-off before we send the file for you to publish, present, share online and do with what you will.

Here's what happens

  • We upload the final version for review
  • Invoice is issued
  • We deliver the file in MP4 format

What is expected of the client

  • Review and sign-off on the final version
  • Pay the final invoice (usually ‘Net30’)
  • Download the video file

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