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Weird reel

This is a reel of ‘bits & bobs’. It’s a collection of weird experiments, leftovers, rejected animations and side projects. It can be a bit sad sometimes to have so many pieces of work that never see the light of day so it made sense to pack as many of them as possible into one single video reel. The music is from the 30 Rock soundtrack (I use some of the track on our main reel too).

There’s a farting dinosaur, zombies, a hairy whale, an alien abduction and a yeti. I have no explanation for the goat on the thumbnail image other than sometimes things are best done for no good reason at all.

Jake the cat

I recently completed a project for Pebbls that featured a scene where a massive wave brings a sailboat into a living room. In the background of the shot, there’s a cat peacefully sleeping until the water and boat enter the scene. Originally, I used a black cat, but it was hardly noticeable, so I altered its color. However, it still went unnoticed by most viewers. After the Pebbls video was finished, I reverted to the black colour for the cat (it was based on Jake, my cat) and created a separate looping animation for it.

So, here’s a yawning cat. Enjoy.


I’ve been exploring the concept of providing ‘product rendering’ as a service. In essence, I would generate lifelike images of products that haven’t been created yet, catering to clients interested in promoting or pitching their concepts. Before savoring a refreshing ice-cold IPA after work, I decided to photograph it and throw together a basic IPA label design to see if I could render up a can of ale that didn’t exist and add it to the photograph. It looks pretty decent I think…

Looking ahead, the plan is to offer this as a paid service. I’d be able to render a wide range of items, from branded coffee bags and perfume bottles to book covers and pizza boxes.

In the meantime, I’ll be making some weird stuff…

A can of Lost Marble IPA stands on a wooden table next a glass of ale.

Paul Claireaux

A friend of a client needed a short animated intro/outro for his financial advice business. I hadn’t created an animation in this style or for this kind of service in a long while. It’s a simple animation based on Paul introducing interest and colour into a rather boring and ‘dull’ subject.

I think the idea is to have this be the intro or exit animation for a series of video blogs and explainer videos.

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