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Step Teachers

T he big project of the moment is a collage-style animation for Step Teachers. They’re about to celebrate their 20th anniversary and have asked us to produce a timeline video detailing some of their biggest milestones from the last two decades. Since 2000, Step Teachers have placed some of the best teaching and support professionals into nurseries, primary, secondary and special needs schools across southern England. They literally started out working in a shed at the bottom of the garden and ended up making millions and collecting a trophy cabinet full of accolades along the way. They’re also up for a bit of daftness so this should be a fun project!


I’ve been creating some variations to the Ubamarket video we produced a few months back. I took the video and changed the voice-over along with logos and colours to brand it to Ubmarket’s clients. So far I’ve done this for the Co-op and Spar. Rebranding is something that we can do for clients who want to offer their video to their clients and is a great option if you’re white-labelling a product. I also created a comic strip for Ubamarket and more recently, finished up an animated video for their new hospitality app – Nomm.


I completed the English version of the Imburse explainer video back in August and since then, I’ve reworked the video into four other languages – French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. This is something that we can offer our clients who want to reach an international audience. We also made a few explainer comics (Comex) that you can read here on a previous blog post.

Meeple Creeple

I can’t share the video yet as it’s not officially launched and I’m under NDA but I can tell you that this meeple based video will be on the blog soon. This was a favour for Will, my wife’s cousin. The video will be shown on the Meeple Creeple Kickstarter page and will hopefully help Blue Castle (Will’s gaming business) reach their funding goal. I had my kids provide the vocals for the Meeple characters.

Bits, bobs and unmentionables

  • I’ve also created a few videos that I can’t share. Most recently we completed a video for BP and another for Bellway.
  • My youngest son, Isaac drew a picture of a weird little monster and we’re animating it for a bit of fun. Isaac is due to record the voice-over for it. It’ll be surreal.
  • I’m working on our annual ‘Go away, we’re on holiday’ video. It’s a reel of character walk cycles with a Dicken’s style snow-covered backdrop. There’s really no need for it but I enjoy making it.

Lost Marbles

W e’re always working. I mean, we do have the occasional bit of down-time but generally speaking, we’re never without a project or three. It’s a very comfortable, balanced level of busy. I keep expecting work to drop because of COVID but things have remained relatively normal and it appears as though the world will be returning to its former state to some degree next year due to the numerous potential vaccines. This is good news, and although I’m happy that a vaccine will stop people dying from the virus, I can’t help but feel some slight dread at the thought of going back to a more hectic schedule.

It makes me realise that it’s going to take some effort to resist jumping out of the ‘new normal’ and back into the old. I think it’s important to take with me the lessons I’ve been forced to learn throughout the pandemic (especially through the periods of lockdown). When I look back at life before the virus, I wonder how we fit so many things into a single day. There’s value in taking things more slowly and not being spread so thin. I’m hopeful that we all don’t forget to take the time to draw, walk around and admire nature and bake or that that you can comfortably and productively work from home. Mind you, even if we all lose sight of what’s really important once we get vaccinated, at least we’ll have fewer Zoom meetings as a result.

I’m just about finished with the office decor. Every inch of the room was replaced or ripped apart (with the exception of the workstation and monitors). It’s now full of antique books from the 17 and 1800’s, a captain’s desk, bell jars, vintage gold frames and a comfy leather chair. More on this once it’s finished.

That’s all folks…

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