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Comic Explainers

I struggled to name these little things… ‘Explainer Strips’… ‘Explainer Comics’… something with ‘Panel’ in the title… I ended up with ‘Comex’ – an all too obvious combination of the words ‘Comic’ and ‘Explainer’. It’s far from eloquent but it’ll do.

The idea is simple: take a business, service, idea or product and explain it over a few comic strip style panels. Comic explainers would lend themselves nicely to social media and blog posts (or anywhere to be honest). Instagram is ideal as you could post them as single panels that a viewer can swipe through.

They’re an extremely affordable option when compared to purchasing an explainer video but even cheaper when you’ve already hired us to create an animated video for you as we can use the existing video graphics to create the comic.

The first ‘Comex’ we have produced is for Ubamarket.  Ubamarket provides retailers with their own white label ‘scan and go’ in-store app. A high-tech, low-cost solution that’s simple to implement and revolutionises the shopping experience.

You can check out the video we made for Ubamrket here.


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