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W ith the exception of an occasional game of Exploding Kittens with the wife and kids, I’m not much of a gamer of any sort.  So, I’d heard of Meeples but couldn’t really tell you what one was before I was given this project. However, Will, my wife’s cousin is very much a board game type of guy. He’s also quite a clever chap. He took the idea of a Meeple (a small figure used as a playing piece in certain board games, having a stylized human form) and then developed a series of characters such as a spaceman with a rocket pack, an alien, a monk, a giant venus flytrap and a robot. Not content with the additional choice of several new characters, he 3D printed them in halves with connectors so that you can pop them apart and mix and match lower and upper bodies and thus, Meeple Creeple was born. It really feels like there should be an ‘s’ to make it plural or something. ‘Meeple Creeples’ or even ‘Meeples Creeples’. Anyhoo…

The idea is that every time a new Meeple Creeple or set of Meeple Creeples are purchased and added to previous packs, the possible combinations grow exponentially. But before new packs are developed, the initial offering needs to be produced and to do that, funding is required. So Will asked me to create an animated video to help him with his Kickstarter campaign. The Meeple voices you hear throughout the video were recorded by my kids.


Back Meeple Creeple


Cups of coffee consumed


Emails exchanged


After Effects layers



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