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C onnecting to any technology or provider in the global payments ecosystem is expensive and time consuming. Like a Universal Payment Adaptor for your IT system, Imburse brings integration-free access to the entire global payment ecosystem.

Imburse tasked us with creating a 90-second animated explainer video to help businesses fully understand what Imburse is capable of and how simple it is to use. The point of the video, other than the usual SEO benefits, was to help businesses better comprehend what they were offering. Although on the surface, it seems like a very simple solution, for some reason it seemed to take longer than it should to explain in person.

Imburse were also redesigning their website and branding so we needed to keep up with the new designs and make sure the video would fit into the new frontpage design. The biggest problem, though, was that they wanted the full video produced in 3 weeks when our usual project timeline runs approximately 6-8.


Because we’ve been working on a few projects at a time instead of our usual workload (due to COVID-19) we were able to rearrange our usual process and meet the deadline submitting a version with all of the client’s requested alterations made on the last day of production.

Rush jobs aren’t usually a good idea for a number of reasons but sometimes client’s don’t have a choice. In this case, the client was available throughout the project to answer questions and offer feedback and this meant we could continue to work without delays.

From the client

“Working with the team at Lost Marble has been amazing. From start to finish the process has been professional and easy, and most importantly the end product was exactly what we hoped for, and more.”

Michael Sharp, Head of Marketing at Imburse


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