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Whether you’re working with us for the first time or just thinking about hiring us, it can be a reassuring to know a little bit more about us. Below is a brief profile on Jemimah and myself (Lee). Although we hire other people where needed, we’re you’re main points of contact and work on every project that comes in. We look forward to working with you!

My name is Lee

I’m the one who does most of the production work, designing, animating and rendering. And if you’re emailing us, I’m probably the one you’re talking to.

I’m a husband to an awesome wife and father to two amazingly mad boys. I work from my home office in a house full of books, musical instruments and lego with a noisy black cat named Jake in County Durham…if you’re not sure exactly where that is, it’s somewhere far above London.

I have a beard and am often found writing lists in a small notebook with a pencil. I like to draw and paint strange things. I’m a baker and I make nice sourdough loaves and fairly decent baguettes. I love cooking Italian food and reading old books. I’m a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, Edgar Allen Poe and Hunter S. Thompson. I love music and I’ve been a faithful follower of Pearl Jam since the early ’90s. Sometimes I try to play the guitar.

An average day for me is waking up, moving a few feet to the coffee machine, then another few feet to my office. Sometimes I write scripts, sketch ideas, draw storyboards, write things on lists, cross things off lists, animate things, eat lunch and send lots of emails.

My name is Jemimah

‘Behind every great man…’

I’m the other half of the Lost Marble team, you won’t find me communicating directly with you very often, but I’m usually involved in what’s being said.

I’m the wife of a very awesome husband, and no, I haven’t been paid to say that! I also had something to do with the two amazing boys we share. A few years ago I left my job as a teacher to spend more time with the family and help out more with the business. We also home educate our boys, so our weeks are filled with museum trips, French lessons and scientific experiments, with lots of baking, drawing and reading thrown into the mix.

Lee and I share a love of reading and of anything artistic, so downtime is a good book with a side of chocolate, or sketching with my Kuretake drawing pens.

My background is in English literature, and my pedantic nature along with my experience as a teacher makes me an annoying but necessary addition to the business. I am usually the one who will write the base script, and/or will edit and proofread existing scripts or text being used in the video. I am also Lee’s first editor, as we will go through scenes and storyboards together, coming up with ideas for styles and stories as well as the research behind what the client wants and what their product or service is or does.

We love working together and make a good team.

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