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I’m Lee. I’m the one who does most of the production work, designing, animating and rendering. And if you’re emailing us, I’m probably the one you’re talking to. I’m a husband to an awesome wife and father to two amazingly mad boys. I work from my home office in a house full of books, musical instruments and lego with a noisy black cat named Jake in County Durham.

What's your favourite cocktail?

New York Sour
1.5 oz. (45 ml) Bourbon
3/4 oz. (22.5 ml) fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz. (15 ml) rich Demerara syrup
1/2 egg white (or 1 egg white if you like it foamy)
3/4 oz. (22.5 ml) red wine as a float
A few drops of Angostura Bitters on top of the foam (optional)

What's the best thing about working at Lost Marble?

Working from home is great… If I want to have the Lord of the Rings movies running on a screen while I work, I can… I can listen to podcasts or music… There’s always coffee… The best part though, is getting to animate for a living.

What's your favourite book/band?

Book – Overall, the complete Sherlock Holmes… More recently, Isaac and the Egg.
Band – Pearl Jam. I’ve been a fan since the early 90’s (The Pixies are a close 2nd).

If you weren't at Lost Marble, where would you like to work?

Either in a bakery, a kitchen or a bar…

What's your favourite movie? (choose one live action and one animated)

Live action? Amelie…no, Wonder Boys! No, Amelie!
Animated? Ratatouille…no, The Iron Giant! No, wait, Luca!

Beard or moustache?

Beard… Moustaches are just odd. Like, someone shaved and missed a bit by mistake rather than design.

What's your nerdiest quality?

There’s too many to choose from! I’m a book nerd, a food nerd, a nerdy collector, a Sherlock nerd (Sherlockian), a Marvel nerd… I could go on.

Which superpower would you choose?

Persuasion/power of suggestion.

What's your favourite meal?

Homemade baguettes with melted camembert, onion chutney, pâté and grapes etc. Oh, and a glass or five of red wine. Homemade pizza is a very close second. I do love carbonara too… I like food.

Would you rather eat a tarantula or a slug?

Probably a slug. I’ve eaten snails and it wasn’t as icky as you’d imagine. It’s the thought of the tarantula ‘popping’ that made me choose the slug. Mind you, once a slug was squashing through a tiny hole and was all squished up and then Jake (my cat) put his claw into it and it exploded! So, maybe that would ‘pop’ too. Can I have chocolate pudding instead?

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