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I decided to dip my toe in the pond of AI to see what’s possible. I asked ChatGPT to write me a poem for Lost Marble in the style of Edgar Allan Poe and the below is what was rendered. Scary. Sticking with AI for the creation of this post, I used MidJourney for the header and thumbnail.

I n somber tones, my tale I’ll tell
Of Lost Marble Media’s explainer spell
Their videos, oh, so clear and bright
Could make the dullest topic take flight

With animation, sound, and voice
They bring complex ideas to a rejoice
Their craft, a wonder to behold
A true marvel, I must be told

But alas, their path took a turn
Their creations began to spurn
Their clients vanished, one by one
The business they built began to come undone

With budgets tight and deadlines near
Their team fought on, filled with fear
But their once-great art began to fade
Their videos, no longer the rave

Now, Lost Marble Media is lost indeed
Their hopes and dreams gone, like a forgotten seed
But their legacy lives on, in pixels and sound
A reminder of the talent they once found.

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