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One style fits all…

Mixed media, occasionally known as ‘collage animation,’ this specific creative approach offers a significantly higher level of artistic freedom and has the ability to captivate an exceptionally diverse audience. In this post, we will explore how we’ve harnessed the power of this creative medium to craft videos for our clients. We’ll delve into the enchanting realm of mixed media animation and uncover how this versatile approach breathes life into imagination.

With mixed media animation, there’s no need to stifle creativity

Mixed media animation is an artistic form that involves combining different materials and techniques to create a seamless animated experience. Unlike traditional animation that often relies solely on a uniform 2D or 3D style, mixed media animation pushes the boundaries by incorporating elements such as live-action footage, 3D models, watercolour paintings, paper cut-outs, claymation and much more. The result is an amalgamation of textures, colours and styles that breathe life into the characters, the settings and the story.

One of the most compelling aspects of mixed media animation is the freedom it offers for boundless creativity. We can experiment with various mediums, infusing each project with a unique flair that distinguishes it from conventional animations.

For instance, in a mixed media animation, we might start with hand-drawn characters that sketched in Procreate. The backdrop could be a beautifully painted landscape and specific objects can be brought to life using mixed stock footage. Through the amalgamation of these diverse elements, we can craft mesmerizing visuals that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Embracing Imperfections

Mixed media animation has the incredible ability to embrace the charm of artistic imperfections. Unlike the pristine and polished look of some digital animations, mixed media works can celebrate the inherent quirks and uniqueness of each artistic medium. This imperfection adds a human touch, making the characters and scenes feel more relatable and authentic.

Animated dreams

Just over a decade ago, I was lucky enough to score a collaborative gig with Ze Frank in which I would animate dreams submitted by the viewers of his show. Quite a few of these animations were produced in a mixed media style and can be seen below.

Lost Marble is an animated explainer video company. We hire scriptwriters, voice-over talents and whoever else as needed. We’ve been creating animated video content since 2004 for businesses of all sizes. We put our superpowers to good use by utilising the Adobe Creative Cloud apps and by fuelling ourselves with an abundance of caffeine.

We’re based in County Durham in the north-east of England. The best way to describe the north is to liken it to the area in Game of Thrones where the Wildlings live. Up here, you will often hear people mutter absurd nonsensical phrases such as ‘Bubblin’ bairn’s booler’s brokken’ or ‘That gadgie’s gannin’ propa radgie, lyke’.

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