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We don’t pin you down

W e have many stylistic approaches when it comes to creating animated explainer videos but in general, we don’t have set styles we stick to. When we work with a client, we tap into their current look and marketing and then find or create a style that looks like it belongs to their brand. That said, this post is made up of a list of our most used animation styles. For new clients wishing to find a look that would work in their video, it could be a valuable resource. Below is our 2022 reel where you can watch a short 60 second montage of the kind of work we offer.

Character Based/Motion Graphics

Our most typical and most requested animated style


A character-based animated promotional video.


Motion graphics with animated characters.


A linear panning, character based video.

Motion Graphics

A stereotypical approach to animated videos


An animated promotional video for Mercer Marsh.


Motion graphics with animated characters.


A simple line-art explainer video.


A mixed media style of animated video


Animated stock photos and hand drawn motion graphics.

Step Teachers

Animated client photos with stock photos, stock video and motion graphics.

Hank’s Dream

Photos and motion graphics.


Animated graphs, stats and information.


Infographics and statistics.


Motion graphics based infographics video.


Client sample.

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