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W e were approached by the great people over at Happiness Lab because they wanted a clearer way of getting across to their potential customers, not just the features of the platform, but the benefits that come from using it. We took inspiration for the visuals and characters from the current designs and branding found on the Happiness Lab website.

We were granted a lot of creative freedom to come up with an approach to both the script and the visuals but the client wanted to make sure that we didn’t focus on the functionality and interface of Happiness Lab – we needed to be attentive to its effect on people and the opportunities it affords employers. So, the challenge was promoting Happiness Lab while not showing a lot of the product itself and instead highlighting the effects on a business and its workforce.

Happiness Lab
gives employees a voice, fosters community and connection, builds emotional awareness, and monitors employee wellbeing. An internal social platform, it has been designed to help improve the culture, wellbeing and experience of your employees. This starts with improving understanding.

We hired Lost Marble Media to produce an explainer video for Happiness Lab (a workplace listening and wellbeing tool) because we needed help telling our story and wanted something unique by way of style and imagery.

From the very beginning we found Lee really easy to deal with, super responsive and always positive about the things we were looking for and the ideas we had about the way it might work. The process itself was pretty straightforward (if not necessarily as quick as I might've like at times) but the output more than justifies any concerns I may have had about speed.

We've found telling our story incredibly hard, and distilling it into a 2 minute video was never going to be easy but we're absolutely delighted with what we've got, it's a brilliant bit of visual storytelling and gives us great confidence reaching out to new prospects about exactly what we're offering them.

Awesome job, great people. Hire them today!!!

David BellamyHappiness Lab - Founder and CEO


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