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I see these ‘top 5 explainer videos’ or ‘top 10 explainer video production companies’ lists all the time and for the most part, they’re on the websites of animated video studios. Generally, there’s a list that includes other studio’s videos and then, at the number one spot…one of their own videos. I figured that I’d just be a bit more blatant about it all and create a list of our favourite explainer videos from the ones we’ve produced.



This is our number 1 animated explainer video for a few reasons. One reason is that it was a lot of fun to make and the client was open to anything. Secondly, it’s a cartoon with crazy looking blobby characters. As a rule, if it’s fun to make, it’ll be fun to watch.



This was another explainer video that was great fun to make! The client was up for a laugh and some oddball humour so we ended up with a video that includes posh prize ponies, squished salesmen and boiler fitters riding dinosaurs.


Mercer UK

We’ve made a ton of explainer videos for Mercer-Marsh and their clients but this one for Mercer UK is probably my favourite. It has a lovely flow to it and a vast and varied colour palette…and I’ve always liked the animated head icons.


Step Teachers

This was our first animated collage explainer video and it was extremely well received internally and by the client. This particular style is a great way to tell a story such as your company’s history.


Don’t be like Phil

This was the result of an idea that was stuck in my brain for months. It was a super quick personal project – I think it took a few weeks from start to finish. Although it was just for fun, it’s actually brought in quite a few clients.

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