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I am not the kind of person that excels at sitting still and doing nothing. I recently had a short break between projects and instead of relaxing and enjoying the downtime, I grabbed my beaten up pocket notebook and made a list of things I would work through. In a few weeks, I have rebuilt and decorated a storage room/pantry (the ‘Room of Requirement’), decorated the upstairs hallway, installed coving, made a bench for the garden out of old scaffolding boards, painted the stairs and railings, touched up paint and woodwork all throughout the house and checked off a long to-do list. Right now, my current project has been delayed a few days and the house is in complete disarray as it’s being ripped apart and rebuilt. I should be binge-watching cartoons with the kids or reading a book but instead, I’ve planted my rear end in a chair with a screen in front of me to share with you a rather pointless list of bizarre things that are currently inhabiting my office. After this, I may well force myself to find a more comfortable chair and read something for fun (most likely Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell). By the way, I’ve just finished reading the new Lemony Snicket book, Poison for breakfast, and it’s a brilliant read!

12 weird things currently found in my office

  • 125 random old keys in my desk drawer
  • A brass Wee Willie Winkie candle holder on my desk (included here because the name makes me chuckle)
  • 3 human teeth in my writing desk (and one in my desk drawer)
  • A  round science beaker/flask filled with marbles
  • A golden sword (randomly presented to me by a friend)
  • A raven skull in a bell jar
  • A knight’s gauntlet
  • A tiny toilet (about 8 or 9cm tall)
  • A Bowtruckle hidden in a Ficus
  • A vintage magazine rack full of international newspapers, a copy of The Times from 1873 and a Daily Prophet
  • A top hat, a deerstalker and a bowler hat
  • A large stick carved into a snake staff (a friend made it for me)

So, there you go. A random list of bizarre things that are to be found in my rather odd little office.  Was this post as directly linked to animation as it should really be? Probably not. Did it serve the purpose of adding keywords to my website such as explainer videos, animated video production or animated video company UK? Yes, it has now. Would this blog appeal to someone who is perhaps a potential client looking through the site for more information or just someone looking for more on explainer videos? If you’re a bit weird, then maybe it will. If you want an animated video produced to promote your business, service or idea, should you use the email form below to get in touch? Yes, you should.

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