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W e were approached by Greater Manchester Police to create a series of three animated ‘whiteboard’ videos for internal use. The videos deal with the topic of employee retention – offering those who might consider leaving a chance to have an interview where they can try to find a solution to their problems. The videos are a mix of character animation and faux whiteboard – the video is entirely animated, none of it was actually drawn up on a real whiteboard. I much prefer a fully animated approach as it affords me a lot more control over the end product. We’re about to start a series for other forces around the UK.

Usually, this is the part of the blog where I describe what product the client makes or what service they offer but this is Greater Manchester Police… I don’t think a description is necessary…they police and stuff…in Manchester.

The videos are superb! Thank you for bringing our vision to life!

Chief Inspector Mike RussellGMP







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