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Since the vast majority of our work can’t be shared due to NDAs or white-labelling, it really limits our ability to publish and keep this website active…so, it seems like a good idea to post up the bits and bobs that we’re working on along with smaller jobs and side projects. Behold! Our recent bits and bobs!

Imburse Animation

W e finished up an animated typography based video to help promote Imburse Payments and explain what they do. We’ve worked for Imburse before creating 8 animated explainers.

In a nutshell, this is the service that Imburse provides:
Through one single connection, Imburse connects any organisation, regardless of existing IT infrastructure and finance processes, to the entire global payments ecosystem, for collections and payouts.

Lost Marble Rebrand

E very now and again, we do a bit of spring-cleaning on our brand…although, it’s not really spring yet, but February is close enough. The previous logo and website were way too busy and didn’t direct enough attention to what mattered. So, we stripped everything down and focused on simplicity. Now we have the videos up front and everything that you might need is there as soon as the website loads up. If our logo was made just to suit myself, I’d use our vintage logo but, as is the case with the animations we create for our clients, we can’t suit ourselves, we need to create content that fits the brand.

Greater Manchester Police

W e’ve all but finished a series of three animated whiteboard videos for Greater Manchester Police. I think we created our last whiteboard video around ten years ago. Unfortunately, if I told you what the videos were about, I’d have to kill you (and I’d really rather not). They’re made for internal use. So, I’ve posted a few still images that show some of the scenes that don’t give anything away. I’m sure that I’ll be able to post up the videos eventually, but for now…

How we work videos

I ‘ve been creating a series of short explainer videos to help clients navigate their way through working with us. For a lot of clients, having an animated video produced is a new experience and it can be a bit confusing as to what happens when and why. We have a ‘How we work‘ page already published and these videos will end up being added to make our process even more transparent.

I’m using AI presenters for the series – a super affordable way to get ‘real’ human beings in your videos…sort of…I mean, the people are actual people but the whole thing is done with AI. It’s weird.

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