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Into the New Year...

Odin’s beard! We’ve worked on an absolute ton of reworks over the first couple of months of 2024. All in all, I think it’s around 27 videos so far. I can only assume that everyone got the urge to rebrand and start fresh for the New Year all at the same time.

All the forces…
I made a series of three animated whiteboard videos for Greater Manchester Police back in January of 2023. Since then I’ve produced animations for 14 more forces across the UK with three more lined up for this month. I also made a version in Welsh!


This year, I'd really like to focus on some alternative means of animating... Stop motion, mixed media... cell, paint... clay... maybe even Lego. The more organic and creative the better.

  • We’re making the next in a series of animations for Honeydew Health. The characters in the previous videos were cowboys, this one stars a Ninja!
  • I’m working out a presentation for Ubamarket who will be showcasing their service in Silicon Valley. It’ll feature a series of animations including an exploding melon.
  • I’ve started a weird little side project where I photograph or film road signs and then animate them.
  • I’m creating even more animated whiteboard videos for the Police (West Yorkshire this time).
  • I’m developing a Yeti/Bigfoot to act as our mascot (yes, it should logically be a marble character but I like Yetis).
  • We grabbed a PS5 late last year and are absolutely hooked on the Spider-man games! We’ve just finished Miles Morales. Amazing.
  • I finally got around to reading the Handmaid’s Tale and loved it! I’m currently half way through Prophet which is also well worth picking up (an American diner appears in a farmers field out of nowhere).
  • I’ve mostly been listening to punk as of late… Dead Boys, Fugazi, Sex Pistols, The Ramones. I did listen to the new Pearl Jam song – Dark matter and found myself extremely disappointed. Hopefully the album will be better.
  • Cocktail of the month for me is probably a rum old fashioned (2oz Appleton’s rum,  1/5oz Campari, 1/5oz demerara syrup, 2 dashes of Angostura and a lime wedge).

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