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I’m not working on a great deal at the moment so this is a short entry. It’s all negotiations and interest right now. For whatever reason, June and July are always quiet. However, when business is a bit slower, it allows me to start a side-project or two…


I‘m working through two animated videos for Coursera (an online education platform). The client asked for a ‘Retro Futurism’ vibe and it’s working out quite nicely. Both explainers are mixed media with animated textures and feature various characters that ride in rockets, fly to the moon, get thrown into vintage computers and one woman catches her grandmother as she falls from the sky. It’s been a fun project so far for a really nice client.

I’m expecting to publish both of these really soon.

Whisky Old Fashioned

Being a big fan of drinks (cocktails in particular) it was only a matter of time before I started animating something alcohol related. I find myself watching a lot of cocktail videos on YouTube and thought that I’d like to make an animated video recipe for one of my favourites – an Old Fashioned. The old fashioned is an easy whisky based cocktail with just a few simple ingredients so it seemed like a logical place to begin. I went for an old fashioned animation style both to suit the name of the drink and to take on a ‘prohibition’ era look (or near enough).

I think that this one is a couple of editing sessions away from being ready to go. However, I work on these things in my free time so who knows.

The Odd One Movie

‘The Odd One’ is a heart-warming and whimsical coming-of-age tale that follows the journey of Alice, a young girl who, due to a rare condition, wears a bag over her head.

Alice’s story begins in a small, judgmental town where she faces ridicule and isolation. Bullied and misunderstood, Alice retreats into her own world, finding solace in her vivid daydreams. In her dreams, she embarks on magical adventures with Pixies who help her find out who she truly is.

When a charismatic and compassionate artist named Lily arrives in town, she sees beyond Alice’s bag and recognizes the unique beauty within her. Lily becomes Alice’s confidante, encouraging her to embrace her differences and discover her own self-worth.

Inspired by Lily’s unwavering belief in her, Alice summons the courage to remove her bag and face the world. Alice encounters both acceptance and rejection, learning valuable lessons about the complexities of human nature. Then Alice murders Lily with a loaf of wholemeal bread and the story really begins.

‘The Odd One’ is a poignant exploration of identity, self-acceptance, murder and the power of imagination. It showcases the resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact that a lack of genuine connection and empathy can have on an individual’s journey toward self-discovery.

Audiences are reminded that true beauty lies not in appearances but in embracing one’s unique qualities and the boundless depths of the human soul. It is a story that celebrates individuality, challenges societal norms, and ultimately reminds us of the magic that lies within us all.

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