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Jake -animated loop

An animated loop of Jake, my cat...


A crosshatched ink sketch of Thing...

Ink sketch of Wednesday Addams from the Netflix show.

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) ink sketch.

Visual representation of the smell of a fart

Splattered ink and whatnot to show the visual representation of the smell of a fart

A shark painted with inks on a canvas with it's mouth open and spattered ink everywhere.

Shark on a canvas

First time working on a large canvas...

Hands of an old woman

Ink pen crosshatch...

Louie Coulon

Hungry tortoise

My youngest son asked me to paint a tortoise eating a strawberry...


My oldest son asked me to paint a flamingo...

A hairy green whale rendered in 3D

Hairy Whale

A random 3D rendering of something silly...

My oldest…

Pencil sketching...

My youngest

Pencil sketching...

Blast from the past

A flatulent T-Rex

Fly like a chicken

Animated dream for 'a show' with Ze Frank

Messy thing

Another dose of Cinema 4D render nonsense...

Marble loop…

Daft thing made for the blog.

Bend the knee!

Bend the knee to your new king!

BMO from Adventure Time in the desert next to a UFO that the US military is investigating.


A C4D render of BMO after having crash landed in Area 51.


A 3D render of an image from the Oliver Jeffers picture book 'Stuck'.

A random horse…

Pencil sketching...

Onion Head #3

A smartly dressed man with an onion for a head.

Onion Head #2

This dapper fella can fly...

Onion Head #1

"Look! Someone coming!"


Cinema 4D render...

Animated video van

Animated video van

For no good reason... Made in Cinema 4D

A weird painting…

...for no good reason.


Elijah & Isaac...

Routine loop

Cinema 4D loopy nonsense...

Ink painting

Silly ink splattering thingy

A mess

Cinema 4D render of a right old mess of stuff...

Solar System

Hairy dancer

Hairy skull + hairdryer

Hairy ball

Iron Boy

A daft side project with my oldest son


Deadpool inked sketch

I…am a writer…


pen and ink drawing explainer man

Fat man sketch

Mad Man

Ink splatter self portrait of Lee with a large red nose and messy eyebrows.

Pre-beard selfie

More coffee…

Boy eating book

Water drawing thingy


Liquid motion pitch

A short clip to pitch a style to a client

Random zombie doodle


Set your table on fire

Animated dream for 'a show' with Ze Frank

Pants on head

Hank Green's dream...about pants.


Hulk sketch




Stranger Things Loop

Bogey Lightsaber

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