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This is the first ‘episode’ of Lost Marbles – a series of short animations featuring stick-man characters in weird situations or doing absurd and sometimes violent things to each other.

“Ma spoon is too big”

First thing I need to do is to hold up my hands and admit that this is absolutely inspired by Don Hertzfeldt‘s crazy animations. It’s not a rip off and I’m not claiming that this style is my idea… I was blown away when I first saw ‘Rejected’ (embedded below) and have wanted to make something similar for years.

The thought behind making these is that, for starters, it’s fun. I can make each animation whatever I like and on top of that, the style is simple and not too time consuming. I’m also using vocal clips from movies and TV…so that means that these clips come with £0.00 expense. The audio clips in this episode are from Wonder Boys.

I have no idea how often I’ll make one of these. When I was animating people’s dreams for ‘a show with zefrank’ there was a certain amount of pressure to come up with one a week. I’m a freelance animator and as such, my clients dictate my schedule. If I have free time (a rarity with a wife and two kids!) then I’ll work on an episode. If not, it might be months in between.

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