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Wilfred Butt-Kraken

W ilfred Butt-Kraken is a very real Lost Marble client talking about a very real situation where hiring us….saved his life. And yes, Dolphin biscuits are totally a thing. Ok, I’m talking rubbish. It’s an AI human saying whatever I want him to. This is a new service that I’m pitching to clients. AI presenters can add a bit of a human touch to your videos. I imagine that AI presenters mixed in with animation and perhaps a few stock videos would be perfect for induction or health & safety videos….or just for chuckles.

Below, Ghandi, a very real media nutritionist talks about video consumption…ok, I’m fibbing again.

Amazon's Black Friday Yeti

I was shopping online and I kept coming back to the banner on Amazon’s frontpage in my mind and thinking that it felt oddly familiar. At first I thought, maybe it was last year’s gimmick for Black Friday too and I’d just seen it before. I clicked back to it and it wasn’t until I noticed the red hairdryer that I figured it out. I had seen it before! Well, almost. It’s pretty much the same scene that I put together in 2016 when I animated a GIF of a yeti using a red hairdryer in almost the exact same stance and position. Weird. If Amazon fancies throwing a grand of credit on my account, I’ll happily look the other way…just saying.

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