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L ost Marble now offer AI presenters to help improve your instructional or promotional videos. We can offer up to 60+ different presenters who can speak 50+ languages and intersperse the video with animation and stock videos. Having real human beings on the screen gives your video a more personal feel and helps viewers feel connected with what they’re watching.

We can either create the whole video based around the AI presenters or else mix the ‘footage’ with animations, infographics and stock videos. We can put anything behind or in front of the avatars as they present and you can have different presenters for different segments of the video. We more of less have full control (well, we can’t make them sing or dance yet but give it time).

Probably the best thing about using AI avatars is that there’s almost no production time. There’s no need to book in presenters or set up cameras and sets. It makes everything extremely affordable and reduces turnaround time dramatically.

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