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Outlaw Skivers

This project is for Honeydew Health. At the core of their business is their software, Engage, which was built based on many years of experience working with line managers and HR professionals. Honeydew Health is first and foremost a technology company. They deliver the tools that their clients need to effectively manage absence and their account management team helps clients solve the attendance issues that their absence data reveals.

We’re almost finished producing this 60 second cartoon that we based on a video that Honeydew created a few years ago called ‘The Usual Suspects of Absence‘. We kept their original characters but gave them a bit of a makeover.




More Skivers

We’re also working with Mercer to turn their Wellness Barrier info-graphic into a short animated explainer video. Absenteeism and presenteeism seem to be the theme with our clients this month.

Main TL (0-01-34-18)

Main TL (0-01-58-24)

Main TL (0-00-56-21)

Main TL (0-01-45-21)

A Bit On The Side

Just about everyday I think of an idea or fifty for something that I really want to animate. However, client work always comes first so the time I have for fun projects is practically nil. I have been slowly working on a few though.

Something I’ve wanted to animate for a long while is select scenes from my older son’s picture books. There’s some amazing artwork, especially in Oliver Jeffers books. What I aim to do is build up a few very short animations and post them once a week on social media channels.



I’ve been wanting to create a new 2016 reel since February but there’s never any spare time. So, I’ve been putting it together over the last month or so when I get 5 minutes here and there. Hopefully, I’ll get a chunk of free time to finish it up before 2017. It’s looking iffy.

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