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20th Anniversary

The Results

“Lee was able to put together an animated video that differs from our competition…they were able to produce a masterclass of a video that will be used for years. I hope this video is the first of many that lost marble will produce.”

Celebrating two decades of Step Teachers

Step Teachers has been around since 2000 ‘supplying teachers everywhere possible’. Dreamt up at a Christmas party and then made a reality in a garden shed, the business quickly grew into a big, but friendly, business.

We were tasked with creating a video that celebrated Step Teachers‘ various milestones, awards and accomplishments. The guys in charge at Step Teachers are genuinely nice, fun people running a solid, honest business. Overall this was a very enjoyable project, especially so as the client granted us a lot of creative freedom. What at first seemed problematic – the task of featuring real people and places within an animated video – was quickly solved by adopting a collage style. This allowed us to create an animated scrapbook of sorts.


Members of staff featured


Photos used in production


Cups of coffee consumed

“…we showed it to staff and got an overwhelming reception to how good it was”



“It was a blessing to work with Lee and Lost Marble Media. I hope this video is the first of many that lost marble will produce.”

Extended cut

This extended edit of the video features a few extra scenes that highlight Step Teachers’ various awards. I removed those scenes (storyboards 7 and 9) from the featured edit for a couple of reasons. One is that the video was almost 3 minutes long and cutting these scenes removed around 30 seconds from the runtime and also, they’re only really important if you’re watching the video for the sake of learning about Step Teachers, rather than seeing what we offer as an animation service.

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