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We charge less

We’re not cheap and we’re not expensive either. That’s because we charge for the work we do and nothing else. With large studios, you’re paying for the work but you’re also paying extra so that they can work in a large office space with a kitchen, a bar, a games room and who knows what else. You’d  also be paying for more people than you need. A lot of bigger animation studios will use the size of each team as a selling point but the fact is, you won’t need half or more of them, however, you’ll be paying for them. With us, you pay for production of the video and that’s all. We all work remotely so there’s no big studio space for us to charge for and no unnecessary team members (we hire as required).

We give due attention

A big plus for us is that since we’re not big enough to take on more than three or four large projects at any one time, we can focus on each with no consequence to the others. About a year ago, one of the largest animated promotional video producers on the planet boasted that they were working on up to 200 videos at any one time which is extremely impressive. However, at that time they also publicly published live reviews and feedback from their clients (they don’t do this anymore). For every big hit they produced, there’d be four or five reviews that claimed that their project took too long, and often reported that they were ignored for up to a month before getting replies from their designated team. A lot also said that regardless of having explained in detail precisely what they wanted, they didn’t end up with what they asked for (after a 6-9 month wait).


I once had a client request that I add several thousand GBP to our fee so that they could tell people that they paid a lot of money to have their animated promo produced. This is important to some so the idea of a big studio may be an attractive one, not based on logic or value, but on bragging rights (which in itself can add value under the right circumstances). For most, I’d assume that a healthy ROI in what they’re looking for – value. It seems that the most sensible choice is to pay what something is worth and receive what you pay for and that’s what we offer.

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