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W e’ve always imagined that lots of animators work the same way that we do. We work from our home office and collaborate with others who also work remotely. As it turns out, most animation studios have a space that they rent and most freelancers work for studios. Throughout the pandemic, it’s become clear that we work differently. The reason I’m posting a blog about this is that the way we conduct our business is very much to the client’s advantage (and it suits us very well too).

If I put myself in the place of a business looking to hire an animation studio, I can imagine being impressed and reassured by a big studio space and I’d like the idea of a large team working on my animated video. But in reality, if I had to choose between a decently sized animation studio and Lost Marble, I’d probably pick us (‘of course you’d say that’ I hear you mutter under your breath and with good reason – is this not a blog post on our own website written by us?). But before you write off the above as bias, let me explain why I’d choose us.

If an animation studio has a rented space, they’re paying for it…and if it’s a particularly large studio (you can often see them with pool tables, arcade machines and huge kitchens) then they’re probably parting with a good amount of rent per month. This is great for the studio as they have a nice place to work together and have fun. However, they’re paying for it through earnings which means they have to charge a lot.

We don’t have a studio. We don’t all work together in the same building. Everyone who works on a Lost Marble project works remotely. This means that we can charge a much more reasonable fee as our expenses are much lower.

Having our team work remotely also allows us to employ people as required. So, if you only need one scriptwriter, one animator and a voice-over talent to produce your explainer video, that’s all you pay for.

Another perk that comes from hiring Lost Marble is that we have a set price per video based on duration rather than charging a daily or hourly rate. This means you’ll never pay for idle time.

Operating this way isn’t something we adopted throughout COVID, we’ve always hired only those needed per project and we’ve always worked from home. It seems like common sense considering we create a digital product. Our methods come with many positive points and I’m yet to discover a negative…well, apart from the pool table…that would be nice.

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