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This is the second¬†animated explainer video we have produced for the wonderful folks over at Lending Stream. We created this one to look like it might have been filmed with cut-outs on props being dropped from pulleys and held by hand. Lending Stream have a bit of a quirky feel to their television commercials so it seemed fitting to move away from the basic 2D animated explainer format. In their most recent TV spot they use a literal stream to get the point across as we see level-headed Lenny on a row boat talking to Lending Stream customers sailing past him. We took this and used it in the animated version to mirror their current marketing approach. We also added in a duck…because, who doesn’t like duckies?

We created two cut-down versions for Lending Stream to use in social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s extremely useful to have a shorter edit that you can post in it’s entirety to a social feed. On Facebook and Twitter, you can upload your 30 second video and it will auto-play on a viewers feed as they scroll to it. It’s a great way of standing out and getting noticed amongst a ton of other text and image based tweets and posts. It also serves the purpose of forcing you to condense your message down to it’s core essentials – really focusing on delivering what’s important without any filler content.

Lending Stream offer fast, flexible and straightforward loans up to £1500 for up to 6 months. Visit their website for more information.

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