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Outlaw Skivers

We created this animated explainer video to help illustrate the benefits of using Honeydew Health‘s Engage software to manage absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace. Honeydew had produced a video called ‘The Usual Suspects of Absence‘ and their product director had come up with some fun and quirky animated characters to help illustrate the various kinds of ‘skivers’.

We were tasked with creating a 1 minute approx. info-graphic explainer video. However, it made more sense to carry on using animated characters to sell the concepts than to break away into a moving info-graphic video. The client agreed and wished to also carry on the Western gimmick. The original characters were built in Adobe InDesign so I rebuilt them in After Effects and used Rubberhose to rig their arms and legs and gave them a bit of an updated look. You can see the originals here on the Honeydew character page.


Honeydew Storyboards page 1

Honeydew Storyboards page 2

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