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Its not a secret that most of us prefer to watch something rather than read about it. This is especially true when the subject matter is not something that we are either interested or invested in. We want the most engaging, entertaining, effortless and time efficient method of learning what we need to know. A promotional marketing video delivers the most convenient solution to all of these needs. But there’s another reason for making your pitch via an animated explainer video.

A client recently told me that his visitors are split almost evenly between people on desktop computers and mobile devices. We’ve been led to believe that our website visitors are divided less evenly with 70% viewing on tablets and mobile phones. While browsing on your iPad allows you to relax on the couch or make the best use of a lengthy commute, it’s also considerably more difficult to navigate around a page or follow links than on a desktop Mac or PC. However, a video solves this issue. All a mobile device user needs to do is tap a video thumbnail¬†and sit still for 90 seconds.

Of all the people to visit our website, you're our favourite.