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T his was a really fun project! I found myself wanting to get back to it on my time off and even the kids were into it. They’d come in to check on what wacky scene was being worked on that particular day (their favourite being the opening scene where the main character screams). The client asked for offbeat and weird which is by far the best approach for explainer videos.

We tried a few different visual approaches before landing on the final style. Our first look was influenced a little by the Captain Underpants movie with big-headed cartoon characters. This really didn’t fit the overall feel of what we were going for and so we ditched it for a more handmade/collage look that got us pretty close but was a bit too refined. The third attempt was dead on and by far the easiest to deliver. The graphics were made using Procreate and an Apple pencil on the iPad. Then I brought in various stock and product photos and we ended up producing a mixed media video.

Overall, the client was fun, clear and open-minded and we were allowed a good degree of creative freedom. I’d happily work on videos like this one every day.

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From the client:

We had a clear vision of what we wanted our explainer to be like, both in terms of visual style and content. Then came the arduous task of finding an animation company that would be able to deliver.

As it turned out, the search wasn’t arduous at all, because early on we came across Lost Marble Media. Their previous portfolio of work showed the kind of humour and style we were looking for. We were determined early on to make sure it was Lost Marble that produced our explainer.

Now, at the end of our project, we know we made the right choice. Everyone we’ve shown the explainer to has laughed and enjoyed it, even though boilers are not the most engaging subject matter. We’re a very particular team of perfectionists here at WarmZilla, and the fact that we had three sets of revisions for our explainer and only needed to use one speaks volumes about the quality of work from Lost Marble.

Deadlines were stuck too, the price was very reasonable for the quality, communication was quick and down-to-earth, Lost Marble understood the brief from the start and made the whole process very easy.

We’ve found our animation company, give them a try and we’re sure you’ll find yours too.


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