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StrongNode Edge Explained

The subject matter of this particular project was a little bit out of my comfort zone. I’m not the most tech-savvy person. I’m fine with everyday devices and when it comes to animation software, I’m a great big nerd. However, blockchains, cryptocurrency and ‘decentralised Web3 products’ meant very little to me. Although I did my homework and researched all that I needed to know in order to work through production with a rudimentary understanding of blockchain technology, I can already feel my hippocampus filing it all away in my short-term memory ready for deletion.

On the plus-side, I rarely get to work on technology-based motion graphics. Most of the time, I’m creating ‘explainer’ style character-centric videos and it was nice to make something a little different. With this project, a cleaner, more precise tech-based project, I employed isometric views and ‘2.5D’ to accomplish the look and then added a lot of glow effects and transitioned with lens flares. The result works well with the client’s current branding and the message comes across clearly (even I can understand it!).

StrongNode Edge is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service protocol that is a true Layer Zero solution for faster, more reliable, greener computing that leverages blockchain technology.


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