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Honeydew Health

Day-1 Absence Reporting

Honeydew Health, a delightful and easy to work with organisation, asked us to create a 3-minute cartoon explainer video to promote their Day-1 Absence Reporting service. We used their own original characters – ‘The Usual Suspects’ – and adjusted their look slightly to better fit the more modern setting. We opted for a storytelling approach but stepped away from the usual linear format to show two possible outcomes to the same problem. Annie, our main character injures her back assembling some bookshelves at night. She then has to decide whether to bother her manager to tell him that she won’t be in at work the next day or to contact Honeydew.

In our previous video for Honeydew, we used ‘The Usual Suspects’ in their natural Western setting. In this video, the client thought it would be fun to mix things up vocally, so I gave Annie a Yorkshire accent and Buffalo a North-East accent.

This is excellent! Everyone loves the animation!

Inka HoworthHoneydew Health Ltd

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The process was clear from the start and we got regular peek previews to keep us posted on progress...

Inka HoworthHoneydew Health Ltd


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