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What we do...

Animation & motion graphics

Lost Marble is an animation studio in the UK. We offer full production of animated explainer videos to promote your business, service or idea.

We work with your brand to create a look and style that fits and strive to make the process as painless, easy, understandable and transparent as possible. Our work ethic is simple; 'work hard and be nice'.

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Ubamarket Cartoon

Animated explainer video for Ubamarket's scan-pay-go shopping app


An animated explainer produced for the ROARSOME Warmzilla!

AI Presenters

AI avatars to help bring a more human feel to your videos...

Step Teachers

A collage animation to celebrate 20 years of Step Teachers!


2D animated promotional video for Harkn (formerly Happiness Lab)

Mixed media animation

Animated collage/mixed media video to promote Lost Marble

Don’t be like Phil

Phil was a fool.

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Mercer: Ageing Works

Motion graphics animated explainer video for Mercer UK


Short animated promotional cartoon

Wonder Boys

Animated movie title sequence

Strongnode Edge

What is Edge Computing? Animated explainer video for Stongnode

Imburse Payments

Animated explainer video

Get On Site!

Animated explainer cartoon to promote GetOnSite


Animated life story of a Wakelet user.

LM holidays video

A collection of characters from our works waddling past a mock-up of the Lost Marble office. We usually share this once a year before we're off for the holidays.


An animated explainer video for tmwi's data management platform

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Jam & Jelly

Animated explainer video

Dr. Gonzo

Short animated video - character loop (Hunter S. Thompson)

Skateboard loop

An animated loop...

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Get Me Everywhere

Animated promotional explainer video for Thompson's GME

Bits & Bobs Reel

10 years of random clips that either weren't used or were just for practice (and some that are just weird)


Animated promotional video produced for google.

Lost Marbles Ep.2: The 2 Sherlocks

Episode 2. The sequel to episode 1.

Lost Marbles Ep.1: Wonder Boys

Vocals from the movie Wonder Boys applied to crazy little stick men.