Animated Marketing Videos

Fully produced custom animated explainer videos to promote your business

Do explainer videos work?

We did a little digging to find out...

Need something a little different?

We can create all kinds of different looks and styles, from artsy to creepy and everything in-between.

Do I need a video?

That depends... Do you want more conversions? Do you want website visitors to stick around longer and purchase more? Do you need to have a complicated or less than exciting concept or product simplified and presented in a way that captivates your visitors? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then yes, you need a video.


Animated Explainer Video Services

We create animated explainer videos and animated television commercials to help you explain and promote your business, service, idea, app or products. We take care of EVERYTHING: the initial concept, scripting, voice-over, music and of course, the animation. We work with clients of all sizes, from start-ups to global brands.


What we do

 We do the concept work, script writing, character design, storyboard creation, produce style samples, license royalty-free music and record the voice-over. We cover full production and we offer alterations & revisions and deliver the video in multiple file formats.


Explainer video benefits

The benefits, among many others include increased conversion rates, product clarity and better Google rankings. Explainer videos are easily shareable and increase web traffic. And with a video, your audience retains information at a much higher rate.


Virtually risk free

The process is virtually risk free. Throughout the process of creating your animated promo video, you’ll get a storyboard and an animatic to approve before we commit to production. We also offer up to 3 revisions once the explainer video is finished to make tweaks and alterations.

Animated explainer reel

Watch what we’ve created for our clients

Main TL (0-00-29-11)

B.O.P.P Animated Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Moneyway Motor Finance Explainer Video

Scene 7 - Arrow light bulbs (0-00-07-03)

ETS 90 Minute Workshops


InnoviaFilms: PlusFilms Animated Marketing Video

Main TL (0-00-28-03)

ETS Animated Explainer Video


InnoviaFilms: UltraFoil




Spinnaker App Explained

Discover Home Loans

Discover Home Loans Animated Marketing Video


Capita Finance


118 Information Animated Marketing Video


FolderJet Animated Promo Video


Secure Trust Bank


Tradesto Marketing Video



Medicaid Demo video

MedicaidFast Software Demo

FAQ #1 What are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are short online videos used to explain your company’s product or service. They are marketing videos (usually under 2 minutes) used by brands, online companies and corporations to explain how a product or service works, with specific marketing purposes towards targeted audiences in a simple and entertaining manner.

Animated Dreams Project


Set Your Table On Fire

bell tower dream (0-01-09-15)





Van Gogh Fish Leg


Cave library

fine instrument

Dream fiddle

Hank Green

Dream: Pants on head

Fly dream

Dream Animation: Fly like a chicken

"I can’t necessarily say that we were easy clients... but Lost Marble Media couldn't have been more accommodating. They helped us along in every step of the process, shooting emails to us all the time with progress updates and polite answers to our dozens of queries. They gave us enough control over the project to make us feel like we were steering the ship, but in reality they pretty much did everything."

− MedicaidFast

"From start to finish, LMM's development process was clear and easy. They provided expert guidance and direction from the outset, but were flexible and collaborative at all times. I really appreciated their expertise, and the final product is outstanding. Thanks for the help, Lost Marble!"

− FolderJet

"Lost Marble have an excellent portfolio that indicated the high quality work that they do. They produced a top class animation that required no alterations or improvements. They nailed it in the first draft. An excellent company that I hope to use again in the future."

− iFlow

"If you are considering a video, do check them out. Very professional (in fact the provider wanted to re-shoot scenes because they felt it wasn't up to their delivery standards-whereas I felt it was fine!). High quality, professional and fast. I can think of 3-4 projects now where i can use them "

− Dealivore

"Lee is the best provider I have ever worked with! Always happy to make changes, extremely responsive …. This is the second video job i’ve attributed to Lost Marble, and I am really satisfied!"

− IKO Systems

"Lost Marble are amazing to work with. They make the process of creating great handcrafted video so easy. They go above and beyond the call of duty. On several occasions they offered more than I expected. They really know their stuff! Communication was very quick and precise. I will definitely work with them again!"

− Team Implement

"You ROCK! Thank you. You really did an awesome job on everything – just more proof that I’m smart to refuse to let anyone touch our videos besides YOU."

− TWCCTW inc.

"Having worked with pricey agencies in the past on similar projects, I’d come to expect a certain element of condescension and an eagerness to compromise vision. But Lost Marble Media served us attentively and encouragingly. And I should mention that we got a pretty impressive return on our dollar."

− MedicaidFast

"I will certainly be using Lost Marble again. You would be wise to discuss your upcoming project with these dedicated professional. "

− FUSE Broadcasting

"As I expected the work was top notch and I cannot fault the all round service offered. I did think this when I was selecting (Lost Marble) and still stick by it, if you need a quality promo video produced, Lost Marble are the best choice you could make."

− MEA Accounting

"Lost Marble Media did an excellent job with the design and completion of the intro/outro videos for my company. Lee was very helpful with helping me conceive the concept and “creative” side of things, as I was a little lost with what I wanted. I will definitely hire again if I have another similar project. "

− Washington Homes

FAQ #2 What styles do you produce?

We don’t pin ourselves down to specific styles. The way your marketing video looks is more about what works for your brand and your target audience. Sometimes we employ a specific style and other times we come up with something bespoke or we blend various looks together. But if you’re looking for a list of styles we’ve covered: motion graphics, handcrafted paper cutouts, stop-motion, cartoons, live-action video editing with motion graphics and keyed backdrops, whiteboard animation, animated typography,  2D, 3D and tons more.

Meet the team

Lee Hall

Lee Hall

Animator/Project manager/Caffeine consumer

Lee's been an animator for more than a decade. Starting at age 9, creating Road Runner cartoons where Wile E. Coyote would catch and eat the Road Runner, he's had a life-long obsession with motion graphics and video. A complete nerd, he has filled the office with lucha libre masks, Funko Pop! and a collection of musical instruments.

Jemimah Hall

Jemimah Hall

Creative director/Marketing/Human spell-check/Eater of chocolate

Jemimah is the go-to person for advice and correction. She proof-reads and edits scripts, assists in mapping out the creative direction of a project and helps to keep our brand visible. Nick-named 'Puddle Duck' for obvious reasons, she also answers to 'Puds'.

Steve Etheridge

Steve Etheridge

Scriptwriter/Visual Concepts

In brief, Steve is an awesome, go-to guy with ideas on tap. He doesn't just come up with copy for the narrative and character dialog in our videos, he's responsible for most of the visual concepts too. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English. He's written for the likes of ESPN,, The Chicago Tribune, and

Videos produced
Hours spent creating
Customer satisfaction
Cups of coffee

FAQ #3 How much does a promotional video cost?

That’s like asking ‘how much is a meal’ at a restaurant. The answer in both cases is the same: it depends on what you order. The biggest things we consider when quoting are the length of the video and the style. To get a quote, fill out our contact form and let us know what you need.

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FAQ #4 Can you provide explainer videos in multiple languages?

Yes we can. We can create the video in languages other than English and it can also be arranged to deliver the explainer video in multiple languages.

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FAQ #5 Can you make animated TV commercials?

Indeed we can! To be honest, it’s really not too different from creating animated explainer videos for the web. Animated TV ads are usually much shorter and more compact but it’s a very similar process. The big difference for us is licensing a voice-over and music for broadcast and that’s no big deal.