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Scripting, voice-over, animation, sound editing - we cover everything.

Animated Video

Led by Lee Hall, Lost Marble is an animation studio based in County Durham in the UK. We hire scriptwriters, voice-over talents and whomever else as they’re needed. We’ve been creating video content since 2004 for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to global brands.

Mostly, we create animated explainer videos to help our clients explain and promote their business, service, idea, app or product. Everything is taken care of: the initial concept, the script, character design, storyboard creation, style samples, music, the voice-over and of course, the animation.

Honeydew Health

Honeydew Health

Animated promotional cartoon

Woodbridge Int. ‘Deal Momentum’

Woodbridge Int. ‘Deal Momentum’

Corporate live action video

How to look adventurous in no time!

How to look adventurous in no time!

A cartoon we produced for Epipheo

Liquid motion pitch

Liquid motion pitch

A short clip to pitch a style to a client

Fly Like A Chicken

Fly Like A Chicken

Animated dream for 'a show' with Ze Frank

B.O.P.P Animated Explainer Video

B.O.P.P Animated Explainer Video

Character based explainer video

We love to make things

Full Portfolio

Some of our clients

I can’t necessarily say that we were easy clients but Lost Marble couldn't have been more accommodating. They gave us enough control over the project to make us feel like we were steering the ship, but in reality they pretty much did everything.

MedicaidFastAnimated explainer video


Ze FrankAnimated dreams

Lost Marble have created more than thirty videos with us, and have been flexible and adapted to our edits. Communication has been good throughout the video projects, and we've always been extremely pleased with the final result!

ETS PLCPromotional and internal use video content

From start to finish, LM's development process was clear and easy. They provided expert guidance and direction from the outset, but were flexible and collaborative at all times. I really appreciated their expertise, and the final product is outstanding!

FolderJetAnimated demo video

The service and advice we received was outstanding. Lee was very helpful giving us guidance on the best direction for the animation to take, the target audience and what should be included. The video was beyond our expectations and exactly what we needed. Amazing!

Jam & JellyAnimated explainer video

They produced a top class animation that required no alterations or improvements. They nailed it in the first draft. An excellent company that I hope to use again in the future.

iFlowAnimated ident

Very professional (in fact the provider wanted to re-shoot scenes because they felt it wasn't up to their delivery standards-whereas I felt it was fine!). High quality, professional and fast. I can think of 3-4 projects now where i can use them

DealivoreAnimated explainer video

Lee is the best provider I have ever worked with! Always happy to make changes, extremely responsive.

IKO SystemsPaper cut-outs animation

Having worked with pricey agencies in the past on similar projects, I’d come to expect a certain element of condescension and an eagerness to compromise vision. But Lost Marble served us attentively and encouragingly.

MedicaidFastWhiteboard/scribe animated video

Lost Marble are amazing to work with. They make the process of creating great handcrafted video so easy. They go above and beyond the call of duty.

Team ImplementHandcrafted video shoots

We had a great experience working with Lost Marble, the project was turned around on budget and on time with just the right kind of visual creativity to bring our ideas to life.

Honeydew HealthAnimated promotional cartoon

We made this for you…

2016 Reel

We made this too…

Our explainer video

Lee & Jemimah

Lee Hall

Lee Hall

Animator/Project manager/Caffeine consumer

Lee's been an animator for more than a decade. Starting at age 9, creating Road Runner cartoons where Wile E. Coyote would catch and eat the Road Runner, he's had a life-long obsession with motion graphics and video. A complete nerd, he has filled the office with lucha libre masks, Funko Pop! and a collection of musical instruments.

Jemimah Hall

Jemimah Hall

Creative director/Marketing/Human spell-check/Eater of chocolate

Jemimah is the go-to person for advice and correction. She proof-reads and edits scripts, assists in mapping out the creative direction of a project and helps to keep our brand visible. Nick-named 'Puddle Duck' for obvious reasons, she also answers to 'Puds'.

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