Animation reel

A 60 second montage of our animated video work

Ubamarket Cartoon

Animated explainer video for Ubamarket's scan-pay-go shopping app

Don’t be like Phil

Phil was a fool.

Signkick Trading Bridge

2D/3D animated video to promote Signkick's Trading Bridge

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Mercer: Ageing Works

Motion graphics animated explainer video for Mercer UK

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Wonder Boys

Animated movie title sequence

Building Site Induction Video

This is an edited version of the original building site induction video where the branding and some key messages have been removed.


An animated explainer video for tmwi's data management platform

The Partnership Network

2D animated promotional video for The Specialist Works

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Jam & Jelly

Animated explainer video

Animated explainer video production company uk.

RAC Flexiloan

3D animated video produced to explain RAC's Flexiloan

Dr. Gonzo

Short animated video - character loop (Hunter S. Thompson)

Skateboard loop

An animated loop...

Animated explainer video production company uk.

Get Me Everywhere

Animated promotional explainer video for Thompson's GME

How to look adventurous in no time!

A cartoon we produced for Epipheo

Lost Marble

Who we are and what we do...

Lost Marble is an animated promotional video studio in the UK. We offer full animated video production services, creating short animated videos to explain and promote your business.

As well as animated explainer videos, we also edit live action video footage, animated GIFs, webcomics, illustrations and more.

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We offer full pre-production services including research, scripting, style frames and storyboarding.


We provide full audio-visual production and rendering.


We send you the final edit in full HD and a custom thumbnail.

Optional extras

There are also optional extras available such as social media edits, YouTube pre-rolls, animated GIFs and more.