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Client work, side-projects and other nonsense

It’s time for another one of those ‘I’ve got nothing in mind that I want to blog about but haven’t blogged in a month so I better post up something‘ blogs. I’m winding down to celebrate my anniversary and get away with the family so I’ve been blasting out projects and getting everything wrapped up before I close the office for a week.

So…what are (and/or were) we working on?

Super Secret Training Video

I’m not entirely sure that I can show this project yet (or ever) but I know that I can show some WIP scenes so, here they are. They’re clips from a 2 minute promo and a training video for a safety app that’s about to be released really soon.

We had next to no time to work on this and actually scrapped a finished 2D promo in favour of a 3D look and started over.

Clients tend not to ask for 3D as most our work is 2D but it is something I can do.

Super Secret Kissy Video


This is a still from a short 15 second ‘Year end’ message for a client to use internally during the holidays. Another one where I’m probably best not showing the video or even showing the the client’s logo. We can’t show most of the videos we create for internal use (and we create A LOT of them).

This was basically an outlaw cowboy looking to smooch a gal and out of sympathy, she gives him a peck on the cheek.


This first episode of Yeti was intended to be published a few weeks ago but I’ve had so much client work to get through that it’s been on hold for a month and put on the back-burner previous to that. If I were to guess, I can see it going live in January/February 2017.

A video posted by Lost Marble (@lostmarblemedia) on

In the clip below, you can see one of Yeti’s favourite pass-times – throwing marmots at mountain goats. The embed from Instagram is from the scene previous to it where Yeti headbangs to folk music (though in the Instagram post, I swapped out the music for System of a Down’s ‘Bounce’).


Random note: Hunter Thompson will be in episode 2.


We’re also working on several scripts for regular clients, a second promo for Mercer Health, an animated video for Lloyds of London, booking in who knows how many jobs for 2017 and working on a cartoon of my kids (and a picture book!). If you’d like us to work on a project for you, fill in the form below.

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