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Lending Stream

I’m working on an animated explainer video for Lending Stream (the short-term loan provider with the awesome ‘level headed’ UK TV commercial). Below are a few GIFs from the animation.




Videos for internal use

I’m also working on quite a few animated videos for some of the world’s biggest brands (I can’t say which ones). These particular videos serve the purpose of allowing companies to deliver information in an entertaining way to their employees.

Lost Marbles Episode 2

Hipsters! Flipsters! And finger-poppin’ daddies! I’m using Lord Buckley’s weird intro from his 1955 LP. You can watch episode 1 here.


Other stuff

We’re looking at creating GIFs as part of our explainer video service. We intend to offer animated GIFs either taken from or based on the videos we create for our clients. We’re also looking at producing more of a cartoon-style of video with a focus on cartoon characters and more animation than you generally see in an average explainer video.


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