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Comics for business?

Yes, that’s right, comics for business. We’re starting to offer our clients some extras to go along with the animated videos we produce. As well as interactive screen presentations, animated GIFs, social media edits and illustrations, we’re going to offer comic strips. These can be shared on social media, posted on blogs or webpages just like anything else. You can see below how comics can be posted on Instagram and on mobile devices, allowing the viewer to swipe across through the panels (this works well through the Instagram app).

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Comics are a great way of attracting attention and getting a message across in an entertaining way. They can use your branding and if you had a video produced by us, we can include the same characters or style to visually tie everything together.

If you’re interested in having a comic, an animated video or anything else mentioned above created to help you explain and promote your business, please fill in the form below or click here to open your email client.

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