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Every now and then I see the words ‘Mission statement‘ on a company’s website and I think ‘should we have one on our website?’ and ‘what on earth is our mission?’. I’d never given it any serious thought because, as well as being unsure about what ours would be, it also seemed a bit cheesy.

But then, a client recently said to me in an email “it would be good to work more with you. It’s not a hard process with you guys as it is with some places”. I started to think about that a little bit because I’d heard it from clients quite a few times before and I wondered what it was that we do that makes the whole thing simpler (or what other places are doing to make everything harder). And then it struck me that we do have a mission statement. Well, less a mission than an aim…of sorts.

To have an honest relationship with our clients and to make cool stuff that really works

(1) To have an honest relationship with our clients and (2) to make cool stuff that (3) really works.

  1. We’re up-front and truthful with our clients and we ask the same in return. If you think our proposal is horrible, feel free to say so without worrying about us sulking. If we think your idea is detrimental to the process, being able to openly say so without dancing around the subject saves us both time. This is why working with you rather than for you is so important. Co-workers are far more likely to be honest with each other than they are to their boss.
  2. The more fun we have making it (‘we’ includes you) the better it’ll come across to viewers and the more fun they’ll have watching it (and thus be engaged and more likely to share).
  3. Explainer videos really work. Like, REALLY work. They need to be used correctly but when they are (and even sometimes when they aren’t) they can be the most effective part of any business’ marketing strategy. I wrote a post titled ‘Do explainer videos really work’ that you can read here.

I’m not entirely sure that it fits in with what an average business’ mission statement is supposed to be but it’s our aim with each and every project and it certainly makes things easier for us and for our clients.

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