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Every now and then, especially when I’m out of ideas for decent blog posts, I’ll post up a ‘what we’re working on’. What this is (pretty sure you already figured this out) is a quick recap of the projects that have been worked on during the last 7 days.

Animated explainer video for a UK bank

There’s not a lot I can say as I’m contractually bound to keep shush about identifying most works in progress…it’s for a bank. If I told you any more, I’d have to kill you.

Lost Marble Animated Promo


This is from a promo for us! We’ve been animating this for about a year. The problem with being so busy is that you don’t really have time to promote yourself or do side-projects…or at least if you do, they take forever. I expect this to be on the website and our various social channels around August (I might have a 2 day gap to work on it in July).

Basically, it’s a ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it’ piece. The main visual theme is based on the travels of a lost marble finding it’s way.

‘The Thin Man’ dream animation

The Thin Man will be my first animated dream of 2015. This one is one of my own dreams, a recurring one in which a creepy thin guy in a suit moves along the room on pulleys.

The video above is an early cut of the intro only. I’m still trying to figure out what style to create the two characters.

Results template video


Again, I’m not able to say much about this one or which client it’s for (ABC Co. is a fictitious company). It’s a basic motion graphics based animation to display survey results.

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