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We create animated promotional videos. Below you can read about the various services we offer and what parts of a project we cover
(spoiler: all of it)

Here's what's included

In a nutshell, we cover everything from start to finish – full production. Below is a more detailed breakdown of what we deliver per project.


  • Research
  • Concept work
  • Script writing
  • Style frames
  • Storyboards


  • Voice-over recording
  • Animation/editing
  • Sound editing
  • Rendering


  • Video file in MP4 format – full HD (other file formats and dimensions can be arranged)
  • Custom thumbnail image

Optional extras

  • Hosted video file with customised video player and interactive call to action end-screen
  • Social media edit (30 or 60 second cut)
  • Teaser (15 second cut)
  • Animated GIFs
We make it simple

A big difference between Lost Marble and many other animation studios is that we make the process simple. We take on as much of the responsibility as possible and allow you to be as involved as you’re comfortable with.

Fair pricing

We’re structured in a way that lets us charge for what we offer and nothing more. We don’t have huge bills to cover from excessive luxury studio spaces and surplus employees so we can afford to be affordable.

Check out the video below for examples of the various animation styles we offer…

Animation reel

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