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We create animated  video for your business to help you explain and promote your business, service, idea, app or products.

If I buy one, will it work?

Portfolios, quotes and great scripts mean nothing unless the explainer video works, right? They’re a hard thing to gauge, especially if you’re not sure how to quantify their success. So, do they work? Let’s take a look at some facts and figures we found while researching the matter.

  • A video is 50x more likely to show up on page 1 of google search results than text based web pages. (ReelSEO, Forrester)
  • Part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors stay on your website, which is one reason online video is seeing explosive growth.
  • The average explainer video is watched on average for about 2.7 minutes, compared with 28% of website text shown to be read on average. (Statisticbrain)
  • Visitors continue navigating your website for an average extra 2 minutes after viewing a video (Diode Digital)
  • Buyers and sellers can typically visit an average of nearly 5 websites before deciding which product to purchase. When you add video to your website, this number decreases to less than 2 (AgentImage)
  • 18 Million Words – The value of 60 seconds of video, or the equivalent of 3,600 average webpages. (SMK)
  • 100 Million – The number of people watching at least one online video each day
  • 64% – How much more likely website visitors are to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video
  • 60% of users watch video content before reading text on the same page (Diode Digital)
  • Video constitutes 50% of all mobile online traffic and over 90% of internet traffic (Diode Digital)
  • 20% of people share videos on their cell phone and 41% watch videos on their cell phone (Pew Center)
  • 72% of people watch YouTube or Vimeo Videos (Pew Center)
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. (3M Corporation)
  • Photos are liked 2x more than text updates, while videos are shared 12x times more than links and text posts combined (SproutSocial)
  • Not only do videos provide a 74% increase in your visitors’ understanding of your product or service compared to pictures, but they also increase the likelihood of your visitors purchasing your product or service by 64%. (Quicksprout)

Visual and verbal learning

A recent study of 221 undergraduate students showed that 105 were visual learners, 105 were bimodal (meaning no preference), and only 11 were verbal. Explainer videos take advantage of this by offering visual and verbal cues for learning. This appeals to all three groups. It’s also been shown that people retain over 50% more information through the use of visual and verbal learning cues.

Forced simplification

Explainer videos force you to compress your product offering into 60 to 120 seconds and 150 to 300 words. This exercise requires businesses to find the best way to clearly and quickly convey the benefit of their product or service. Video scripts limit the number of words, requiring more to be said with less text.


On average, conversion rates are boosted by anywhere between 15-50%. When dropbox started using an explainer video, they picked up 5 million new customers and made over $24 million in additional revenue. I’m not saying that you’re going to make $24 million if you have an animated video created (though, who knows?) but if you increase your conversions, even by 10-20%, isn’t that worth it? Remember, this wouldn’t be a one time deal, the video will help on an on-going basis.

Explainer videos increase conversions, sales and revenue greatly. It just works… However, there is a little more to it than that. You can find out what to do with your explainer video to get the most out of it in this blog post: You’ve got yourself an explainer video… Now what?.

How long should an explainer video be?

There’s no one singular answer but here’s a guide to getting it about right.

30 seconds
If you’re looking for a 30 second spot, then you need to think about your video as a TV ad. You really need to focus on one or two key things and make sure people know how take action if they’re interested. There’ll be no room for lists of features or long winded sentences. 30 seconds isn’t a great deal of time and I honestly don’t believe that you can call a 30 second video an ‘explainer video’. If there’s something worth explaining or complicated enough to need an explanation, it will probably take a bit more than 30 seconds to do so. You can, however, create interest in 30 seconds by delivering a hype video, something absurd or mysterious to gain attention for something that will come later. We’ve made very few 30 second spots over the years. 60 seconds is usually the shortest duration of an explainer video.

60 seconds
This is a good amount of time to deliver a promotional message or an explanation and not have to worry about people getting disinterested and checking out before the video ends. 60 seconds is perfect for quickly going over simple products/services or covering topics people are reasonably familiar with already.

90 seconds
This is the sweet spot. 90 seconds gives you enough time to cover all you need to without the video feeling rushed and without leaving anything important out. 1.5 minutes gives you time to segment the delivery – elevator pitch, highlight the problem, offer a solution, explain why you should be the one to deliver it and then end with a call to action.

120 seconds
If you really need to include a lot of additional information or you know that your viewers are a demographic that have a higher attention span, then 2 minutes is still a decently short enough video to not really risk losing too many viewers.

3 minutes and above
You’re running a risk with up to 3 minutes and over. When people are browsing the web, their attention span is lowered significantly. There’s far too many other things to do if something seems too long. If you’re distributing a 5 minute video internally within a company or you know that you’re targeting a specific demographic that will already have enough interest in the subject matter to stick around,then great. If you’re expecting your average viewer to stick around more than 90-120 seconds, you’ll end up losing your audience at or just past the half way mark.

If you’re looking for a ‘rule’, there really isn’t one but I can safely say that 90 seconds is by far the best option.

Explainer videos and mobile devices

It’s not a secret that most of us prefer to watch something rather than read about it. This is especially true when the subject matter is not something that we are either interested or invested in. We want the most engaging, entertaining, effortless and time efficient method of learning what we need to know. A promotional marketing video delivers the most convenient solution to all of these needs. But there’s another reason for making your pitch via an animated explainer video.

A client recently told me that his visitors are split almost evenly between people on desktop computers and mobile devices. We’ve been led to believe that our website visitors are divided less evenly with 70% viewing on tablets and mobile phones. While browsing on your iPad allows you to relax on the couch or make the best use of a lengthy commute, it’s also considerably more difficult to navigate around a page or follow links than on a desktop Mac or PC. However, a video solves this issue. All a mobile device user needs to do is tap a video thumbnail and sit still for 90 seconds.

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