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Home office space

I often get questions, from friends and clients who work 9-5 jobs, about working from home. Many imagine that I wake up at 11:30, reach down the side of the bed and grab a laptop and work in bed in my underwear… or that I don’t shower or change until after lunch, start work at 2pm, put in a few hours and then binge watch shows on Netflix. In truth, I’m usually up between 4:30 – 6;30am, answering emails at 8am and in the office at 9.

Speaking of the office, that’s the thing I get asked about most. ‘What does a freelance office look like?’ Most figure that I’d fill it with toys, gimmicks and books….and they’re right! My office is full of books, graphic novels, Funko Pop!s, a skull, a glove from a suit of armour, a large vintage globe, a record player, an Iron Man helmet and a fair amount of art stuff. Oh, and a work station and a couple of monitors to work on…I almost forgot about those.