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I’ve never been satisfied with our logos. From day one I’d design a logo and think it was great…for about 24 hours, then I’d publish it and then abruptly despise it. I’ve never liked the name much either. ‘Lost Marble’ is too long and too odd for most to remember and if they do, they change it from singular to plural and search for Lost Marbles.

The vintage badge

So, much to dismay of my wife, I decided to change the vintage badge we’d been using (I get semi-obsessed and don’t shut about the branding until I feel like I’ve nailed it). I really didn’t hate the previous version but it always reminded me of the Jack Daniels branding and like the name ‘Lost Marble’ it felt overly complicated. I needed something that was much more easily recognisable. I wanted more of an icon than a full on logo with text (like Apple for example).

Clean and simple

A lot of my job is taking either a complicated or long-winded topic and boiling it down to the bare essentials to both make it easy to digest and also to fit what we need to into a relatively short space of time. So with this logo, I aimed to design it and publish it in the shortest time possible and to make it as simple as I could. Older logo renditions have taken weeks. I completed this one in less than twenty minutes (and immediately published it too).

It’s clean, simple and is related to our name. Mission accomplished.