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Project Content
Lost Marble Media reserves the right to refuse certain requests for work. Refusals may be based on requests to produce content featuring nudity, excessive violence or offensive language.

A down-payment is required to book in any work and must be paid before work can begin. Without a down-payment, the timeslot can not be kept open and will be available to other potential clients.

A down-payment can not be refunded once the project has begun.

A project can not begin while a previous project fee remains outstanding.

Before the final edit can be sent to the client, the remaining portion of the fee should be paid.

File Storage
Animations (explainer videos, idents etc.)
Lost Marble Media will store the finished products for no less than 1 year. Clients should download the final edits immediately after receiving the download link as most links remain active for 30 days only.

Captured Footage
Lost Marble Media will not use any footage recorded or provided for any other purpose than that which the customer requests. We respect the privacy of our customers. All interaction between Lost Marble Media and the customer will remain confidential. An archived copy of either the raw original footage or the edited presentation will be kept for no longer than 12 months without the customers arranging for us to do so. Otherwise, all unedited footage or spare copies of the presentation will be deleted within one calendar year.