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Do explainer videos work?

Facts and figures Portfolios, quotes and great scripts mean nothing unless the explainer video works, right? They're a hard thing to gauge, especially if you're not sure how to quantify…
26 February 2015
Useful info

Fighting FOR you…

Quite often, we'll disagree with you. This is not to suit our needs or to make our jobs easier but for the sake of the project. Some clients take this…
1 January 2015
Bits & bobsLost Marble Media

Ten Club

We never had that overnight, accidental, viral wonder that spread to a few million people while we slept, putting us firmly on the explainer map by morning. We didn't have…
23 September 2014

About Lee

Lee Hall Job role: Animator, project manager, caffeine consumer Age: 36 Years in current role: 10 Family: Married with 2 children Random nerd fact: I have over 20 lucha libre…
13 August 2014