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We create style samples to give our clients a rough idea of what creative direction we’re heading in. One such sample (I created this earlier today) is shown below…


We create these samples in order for each client to have an opportunity to have their say. Does it suck? Let us know. Is it almost there but something’s missing? Is it just right? The time to speak up is when an early sample is posted for review. Some past clients have thought it best to keep their views to themselves and waited it out to see how it looked after it was fully produced only to see that what they thought wasn’t right in the original concept, is still there. At that point, to fix it will take a lot of extra time and effort. If something is pointed out early, we can fix it before we’ve produced the entire explainer video and save a ton of time.

I completely understand why some choose to remain quiet. Clients have later told us that they didn’t want to come off as demanding, ungrateful, rude or didn’t want to hurt our feelings. In truth, we prefer brutal honesty. I can say personally, that I’d much rather have a slightly bruised ego early on over an extra 3 or 4 days work added to the project.

We’re all about good communication and honesty. Don’t hold back, if you have something to say. Feel free to fire away. Feedback, positive or negative, is the reason why we produce and share previews.


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